October 15, 2011

Heading south from Tikal, we encountered the typical Guatemala.
Floods where towns once were:

Good food

Amazing scenery (with floods)

Cool roads

Cool people


Coupled with a few little indiscretions

On arriving to a town called Lanquin, we hit up a local soccer match between Lanquin and the next village across.

It was quite the affair, jumping up and down, yelling and throwing rocks at the players was actively encouraged. The raucous behavior of the crowd was only equaled by ambivalence of the large number of armed police in attendance.

We were glad the local team won.

Getting our exploration on, local bat caves were checked out.

Furthering our motivation for exploration, off we went to Semuc Champey (loosely translated to “where the river flows under the water”)
Local style transport

More checking out the area

And toughing it out

It rained a lot, and the next day we took a day trip across to Rio Dulce, roads varying from a little hectic

And then it started to get epic.

This was like a powder day at the snow, except the landings were a little harder.

We stopped at an amazing little Canyon

Where a cool kid paddled us in a canoe upstream – he was an amazing little guide, but it felt a bit bittersweet, he was 12 and for most people his age, it was a school day.

The views were incredible though.

Further up was a waterfall with hot spring water (cascada calliente) which we sometimes jumped off

And other times we fell off it

We are now in Antigua, time has been spent mostly checking the place out, catching up with some fellow motorcyclers and doing motorcycle maintenance, I broke my mirror, my left footpeg snapped off, bent my crash guards, and Tim broke off his number plate – and is not to be found again (we are sourcing a “local” solution). We have been blocked from going to lake atitlan by rains blocking the roads – but have since found of an off-road trail there that we should be able to get through, most likely a day trip tomorrow.

El Salvador most likely Monday, famous for amazing surf beaches, nice coastline, and the highest murder rate per capita in the world.

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