Formula wun

February 15, 2010

Schumacher is going to win. His triumph this year is not going to be the overwhelming complete utter massacre of all opponents, like we have come to expect from the greatest racing driver in the world, but he will still win.
Outside of his raw driving talent, which few can equal, his feedback and integration within a team have always been exemplary, in fact it were these skills that made him gain the record for the number of drivers championships. He could drive like few others, but the way in which he built a team around him for the goal of winning was far more impressive. This time, Michael doesn’t need to build a team around him however – they are already there.

His strongest competitors this season will be Hamilton, his own teammate – Rosberg, both Red Bull drivers as well as both drivers from Ferrari. I expect Button will be simply out-classed by Hamilton. Other predictions include, Renault, turning up with no sponsors – may as well turn up with no car, but if they can cobble something together, expect Kubica to drive the wheels off it. Williams, the perennial underdog, should be expected to retain that very title with a lackluster drivers line-up. I expect Force India will be the strongest of the middle-markers, and has the distinct possibility of causing a couple of upsets, Vijay Mallya is a charismatic and endearing leader.

All in all, I can’t wait for the first wheel to be turned in Bahrain, the combination of some improved rules (for the better), the best drivers lineup there has ever been in a Formula one grid, the return of the best driver, ever, some interesting new names coming to the paddock (Campos/Virgin/US), and some coming back after quite some time away (Lotus/Mercedes).


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