Doing is the new talking.

August 29, 2010

With the burgeoning communication revolution brought upon by social media, how can one still maintain a positive public image? There are countless review sites, blogs, forums and numerous other forms of on-line communication whereby your businesses reputation can hang in the balance of an over opinionated 13 year old prepubescent keyboard warrior.
Enfant Provocateur

What to do?

Well – lets start with what not to do in your communication.
Don’t be flowery.
Don’t exaggerate.
Don’t be artificial.
Don’t be egotistical.
Don’t say something will be done, when it might not be.
Don’t be afraid to take the heat.
Don’t write a novel, when a sentence will do.
Don’t wear a tin foil hat.
Don’t be defensive.
Don’t be boring.

Some things you should do
Be Human.
Analyze if a public response is worthwhile.
Do something.
Fix the issue.
Show compassionate.
Pack some humor.
Act humble.

Talk may be cheap, it is cheap, but on the Internet, it can be expensive.


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