the plan

July 28, 2011

The Plan

Consists mostly of not having one. 2 bikes and a little bit of kit, with a requirement to fly out back to Australia by April next year being the limits.

My good mate Seager lands next week, whereby he will be instructed in the art of motorcycle maintenance (and riding) and he will do some test runs to make sure his scoot is working properly and he can operate it. After spending the last couple of months in dry Aboriginal communities in central Australia, his liver might need as much work as his motorcycle skills. I’ll have to make sure both are tested thoroughly!

Notice has been given to work – I am going to miss the place, seriously. This is less a desire to escape “the real world”, more a preemptive strike on a mid-life crisis. There isn’t anytime better to do something stupid than now.
The US’n’A has been fun, lots of fun and I am going to miss lots of people. Perhaps one day I will return… I am sure when I am holed up in Bolivia, I will be wishing for Los Angeles traffic and that Honduras Custom officials will make the CA DMV appear organized.

ride on.


One Response to “the plan”

  1. You fool!! 30 seconds after your last moments here you will have already forgotten us!!

    Have fun and get in loads of trouble … but nothing you can not get out of by just losing one or two digits!! 🙂

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