Venezuela – the bonus edition

December 22, 2011

Due to laptop malfunctions (its dead from motorcycle travel) here are some photos I couldn´t upload last time.

A coffee truck turns over on the road… what do you do to clear it?

Thats right, burn it.

And cause traffic to back up…

For 10 miles.

Henry doing some weight testing on his motorcycle with his standard kit.

Crossing the Orinoco River was a particular highlight. It is the second largest delta in all of the Americas (behind the Amazon)

With Henry

And some other new friends

We were treated to quite the spectacular sunset

We arrived after an hour and forty five minute trip across the river (yes, its big!) to the other side in darkness. We asked the local military where we could camp. Right here you say?

Other campsites consisted of people who offered their farms:

Roadside spots

Beaches with coconut palms

And herds of cows

The price of fuel never got old.

(A little under 10c for almost 10l)

Venezuela, it was pretty nice.


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